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“Mike Stickler has proven to be a genuine city-reacher as he worked consistently to network pastors and business leaders together. In fact, if Mike had not hung in there and persevered by keeping the process alive, I think it is safe to say that the Reno Festival would never have materialized.” - Colin James Vice President, Luis Palau Association

I feel that Mike has tremendously helped Truckee Meadows Habitat for Humanity reach beyond ourselves to access funds that we always wanted to get to, but didn’t have our own internal resources to achieve. The impact on our operations is more than just the grant writing; they also bring the same savvy marketing input that the for-profit business world has enjoyed for years. - David Lacerda President, Truckee Meadows Habitat for Humanity

“I was surprised we got the first grant proposal funded we sent out because it was the first ever. Mike was extremely helpful. They walked us through the entire process and did the majority of the work for us. They were flexible and efficient.” - Chip Riggs, Hope Baptist, Las Vegas, NV

“Michael worked with excellence on the Luis Palau campaign and developed significant donor participation at levels substantially beyond expectations." - Dr. John Jackson, President, William Jessup University

“Mike and his company came to us through another ministry association. I was so impressed that we enlisted his services for our own ministry Maritime Discipleship. Mike and his team have been a great asset to our ministry. I consider him more than a qualified consultant in the area of fund-raising and development. He has become a friend. If you are serious about long-term financial and organizational stability of your ministry or non-profit organization, Mike Stickler is your man.” - Capt. Cliff Mahon, Executive Director, Maritime Discipleship

“I had the extreme pleasure of watching Michael in action during the development Luis Palau Festival in Dallas. At the time I was on the Legacy Committee for Luis Palau Ministries so I knew first hand that the organization hires only the best people to lead development roles especially around the major cities. Michael is world class at what he does and I highly recommend him to any organization serious about being the best.” - Peter Strople, Philanthropist

“Mike Stickler is an expert in the field of organizational development. From strategic planning and board development to finding funding, Mike and his team provide proven expertise and experience.” - Glenn Barth, Founding COO and National Facilitator Mission America Coalition

“Michael is a very skilled communicator and great mixture of businessman and pastor. I have done a number of trainings throughout the area and find them valuable with applicable content. If your in the NPO world and raising funds are part of your agenda, look at what Michael is doing it will prove valuable.” - Mark Curtis, Area Director, Crown Financial Ministries

“Under the strategic direction of Michael Stickler, provided an extraordinarily valuable service during our internal fundraising campaign. His supporting team was erudite and responsive with exceptional follow-thru.” - Jesse Gregory, Capital Campaign Chair, Spirit Filled Church

“Michael was extremely professional and went out of his way to be helpful to me in areas where he had experience and expertise that I needed. He took extra time to be kind and do more than was expected.” - Scott Kindig, Georgia Baptist Convention

“Michael is someone who we feel has an excellent handle on the kind of fund raising a non-profit like ours can benefit from. As we are investigating an activity that is clearly in his company's sweet-spot, we are enthusiastic about the results we anticipate.” - David Howard, North American Mission Board

“Mike Stickler can provide you with very practical insight into the world of grant writing. Through his terrific workshop, we were able to deepen our knowledge of the different elements of a grant proposal, how to present our vision, how to find the right foundations, and how to build foundation relationships that last. There's plenty to learn from him and his team and we are better off because of his consultation and insight. You'll benefit as well.” - Brian Audia, President, Surgance

“Dedicated and knowledgeable professional of organizational operations and funding. He understands the complexities and personalities that must mesh to make an organization successful.” Greg Hauenstein, President of MINT International Seminary

“WOW! What an incredible training! Mike made the learning fun, challenging and interesting. I can't remember the last time I attended a seminar where I felt I wanted to say "can you keep going?" (vs. what time is lunch?)…” Furthering the Kingdom of Christ, - Marie Monsalve, Events Coordinator, Alternate Avenues Women's Resource Center

“Michael, and his staff, have been a tremendous asset to the growing ministry of our organization, Diamond Willow Ministries. The web-based and onsite training that Michael provides is helping us to grow and meet the needs of the communities we serve. I certainly highly recommend Michael." - Rod Vaughn, Executive Director of Diamond Willow Ministries

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