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Our Goal:

To help ministries all over the world in the area of generosity.

Our Vision:

To join millions of ministries, churches, and community nonprofit organizations as they fulfill their missions to advance the Kingdom of God.

It’s a common adage among ministry and nonprofit leaders: “If only we had more money, we could [fill in the blank].” Perhaps that blank is filled by creating a new program or expanding an existing one. Maybe an additional staff member is required or a new building needs to be built. The needs are many, and the funding is seemingly quite difficult to come by.
Through two essentials in development: vision casting and relationship building.  It has the potential to have a major worldwide impact on organizations. Our goal is to foster a new environment for you. Learn to cast vision and build long-term relationships with philanthropists, private foundations, key community partners, and other organizations. Generosity is much bigger than just securing fund. Let's work together to make a significant impact on lives worldwide.


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You are invited to participate in a conversation with Mike Stickler, originator and author of Generous Life. These conversations are for organization leaders like you and are limited in the number of participants. Please be sure you register early to insure your participation.

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