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    We do not charge a speaking fee, we leave that up to you. We prefer to focus on the quality of the event, delivering and exceeding every expectation. With that knowledge, we know you will compensate your speaker fairly at the end of the event. If you have more questions about how it all works, just ask during the interview.

    Travel expectations for budgeting purposes: Our team will work closely with you on travel arrangements.

    It is important to recognize that our speakers travel with usually one assistant, usually a spouse, possibly an intern. On a very rare occasion, your speaker will stay in someone's home but the preferred accommodations is with Garden Inn or Hampton Inn products or the local convention hotel. As new locations can be difficult to navigate efficiently, a driver may be necessary for pick-up and drop-off when distances are significant. A volunteer or staff person is usually sufficient as long as they are properly insured. All meals, airport transfers, and incidentals should be included from point of origin to return destination. Please check with us for travel origination, as this will depend on previous commitments.
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