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Generous Life Radio is a new approach to spreading generosity through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Generous Life Radio is designed to inspire, delight, and transform the way you think about Christian stewardship.

Every time you tune into Generous Life Radio, you’ll be taken on a journey – a journey where you discover how to live generously, the way God intended.

No more 24 news cycles. No massive fundraising campaigns. Just the words of the Lord designed to excite curiosity and commitment within your ministry.

That’s the Generous Life Radio promise.


How Does Generous Life Radio Work?

Generous Life Radio provides listeners with daily doses of inspiration and insights into living a generous and faithful life. Connect with Generous Life Radio daily and encourage your ministry to discover inspirational stories, insightful topics, and other ways to live a more generous life.

It really is that simple.


Discover Our Generous Life Radio Programs

Resources Available for your Radio Ministry needs A Journey to Generosity – 41 days to a generous life

Generosity Devotional:

A series of 21 two-minute messages to inspire their lives and be a catalyst to their giving. All are professionally produced and feature biblical encouragement in order to live generously.


This little book is the perfect devotional for your ministry to provide as a "Thank You" to your listeners. This is the core framework to the 41-day Generosity Challenge. And it's the perfect offer for your website as a purchase or complimentary for those who want to commit to go deeper than ever before in their commitment to support your stations efforts.

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Expert On-Air Personalities:
Expert On-Air Personalities for Non-Comm Stations and News Stories: We'll be happy to lend the expertise of our team to help you during your friend-raising efforts or anytime an interview with a message of generosity will help the vision of your station or news story.

On-Air Programing:

On-Air Programing: Once a day we produce a 25-minute talk show that features incredible stories and guests that are examples of Ordinary and Extraordinary Generosity. These shows spotlight fun, inspiring stories of what God is doing all over the world through His people. Previous guests have include: Anne Belier, Founder of Auntie Anne Pretzels; Ron Luce, Teen Mania Ministries; Arch Bonnema, philanthropist; Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave; and many, many more. 

Print Media:

Your listeners will receive Generous Living Magazine, One-Year Free Trial: Generous Living Magazine provides encouraging stories of Christians living generously and changing the world through their generosity. With featured content from Christian philanthropists and highly effective Christian ministries, these articles and interviews will inspire you with God’s work through the lives of your fellow Christians.Issues to include interviews with Chuck Colson, William Lane Craig, TM Moore, Ray Bohlin, Norm Miller and others. We want to give you a glimpse of what effective ministries are accomplishing in the world today. Learn how they work, what they’re accomplishing for the kingdom, and, if you’re so inclined, how you might help. We also want you to see what Christians are doing with their personal lives. We interview philanthropists to learn from how they live out their calling. Between ministries and philanthropists, you will receive both inspiration and instruction to live your generous life today.