Invite Dynamic Professionals To Speak At YOUR Event!


Ready to inspire your church leadership?


Art Ritter and Mike Stickler are renowned professionals – and now, you can invite either to speak at your next event or leadership meeting. A presentation will be tailored to your event needs, the best way to get the exact advice and strategies you need to cultivate generosity.

If you want to see a dynamic difference in just one meeting, either speaker will deliver a professional, thought-inspiring delivery.


What You Need to Know

Timing: Whether you need five minutes or five hours, you'll have a presentation that truly delivers.

Fees: Our speakers do not charge a speaking fee; however, if you wish to provide compensation at the end of the meeting, you can. Travel expectations will need to be outlined for budgeting purposes.

Application: If you’d like one of our speakers to speak at your next event or meeting, please fill out the application form. The invitation process to speak includes the application, an interview, and a time of prayer.

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