Mike’s Favorite Topics

Ever wanted to see Mike talk about something for hours on end?

Want to know what Mike’s passionate about?

Then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Mike’s favorite topics happen to center on Christian stewardship, fundraising for nonprofits, and increasing generosity in a ministry. Ask him anything on those topics, and you’ll be greeted by a wealth of information, stories, and valuable tips.

Just make sure you have a comfortable seat first!

Need a little inspiration? Here are just a few of Mike’s favorite topics.


Ride Hard – Breathe Easy

There’s so much demanding our time and energy. How in the world can anyone deal with making a living, honoring our family, and living by faith? In this fun and interactive session, Mike explores the stresses of today to learn how to find balance, deal with heartache, and build faith for the future.

Excellent for broader audiences of all ages and cultures. Mike can also separate these lessons to dive deeper into stressful life situations, including overcoming the challenges of divorce, family problems, economic troubles, and even the loss of a loved one.



There is so much conversation about success these days, whether it’s financial, emotional, or physical. But what about faith and vision? When you think of success as a byproduct of your vision, the journey can become a life-changing one.

Mike can help you determine the compass coordinates needed for the very life you’re living, with the goal being reproducible success for your life. This is one message that can become the catalyst for every single success in your life.

We all need a vision. Let Mike show you how to find yours.


Difference Makers

Our community is much more than a place to lay our head or do business – it’s an interweaving of worldview, culture, marketplace, history, and our future. That’s why we need to understand how we can make a bigger difference in our communities – to become difference makers.

In this session, Mike will take you and your team above and beyond the usual activities of your mission and guide you toward a much greater destination. It’s bigger than your bottom line. It’s bigger than your fundraising goals.

Discover what it means to be a difference maker.



In the Church today, we’re experiencing a serious decline. A recent Barna study shows that only 4% of born-again Christians could answer six basic questions regarding Christian worldview.

That’s why this session is so essential for Christian leadership. Mike has served the Church in over 24 countries and worked with some of the largest and most impactful ministries in the world. Throughout Mike’s work, he identified one significant drift in the Church that’s producing these negative outcomes: Relational Discipleship.

If your ministry would like to hear a clear voice on this core inhibitor of growth in the Church, you’ll want to sign up for this session.

Discover what it really takes to make your ministry flourish again.


The Generous Life

Generosity is a critical aspect of all Christian ministries. It’s essential to healthy discipleship and central to following Jesus. Join Mike as he teaches your ministry to encourage and celebrate generosity in your life and the life of your ministry. Learn the key elements of cultivating generous Christian stewardship in your life, your ministry, and the lives of your family.

This topic is designed for all levels of Church and ministry membership and features engaging presentations, thought-provoking dialogue, and practical tools from a seasoned practitioner.


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