The Four Pillars Of Growing Your Ministry

Want to learn the secrets of growing your ministry? In Mike Stickler’s Growing Your Ministry and Beyond coaching club, you’ll discover these Four Pillars:


The First Pillar: Foundation


Before you can create and customize the plan to get you where you want to go, it's important to take a snapshot of exactly where you are now, plus what you and your team are doing to keep sustainable.


We'll start by taking a close look at where you are today and compare you to national numbers. Then, we’ll prepare a detailed, systematic approach to managing your ministry growth so every area of funding is addressed and nothing significant ever falls through the cracks.


The Second Pillar: Build


At this stage, we’ll help you build an unstoppable ministry. From overall vision to ministry development model and strategy, we'll chart your blueprints for a powerful plan that leads you step-by-step to reaching your goals.


We'll help you pinpoint potential resources to hire more help to get them done . . . and build creative campaigns for generating more revenue to pay for it all!


In fact, it's highly likely that every single member of the club will be recouping their monthly investment in the Growing Ministry and Beyond coaching club within the first two months!


The Third Pillar: Growth


With a well-thought-out foundation in place, a fully functional system in place for keeping your approach solid and predictable, and your happy donors coming back for more, the next part is simple. Now it's time to step things up a notch or three, and take your ministry growth to the next level.


This is often where many leaders stray from the path. They get overwhelmed, stuck being the "technician" working IN their ministry instead of ON their ministry. Predictable success is the name of the game, not lying awake at night freaking out about where the next flood of revenue is going to come from.


So we'll want to check in to make sure your ministry, revenue, and donor reach are all expanding at a rate you're satisfied with. We'll continue to refine the systems we've envisioned together to work at a high level, while giving you more flexibility and freedom to plan for the next stage...


The Fourth Pillar: Scale


By the fourth quarter, your ministry should be humming along with the satisfying, consistent revenue you envisioned. We'll do a complete audit of all areas; you'll know what's working well that you want to do more of, because now you'll have a whole new kind of decision to make...


Are you creating a core ministry, or "building to replicate"? If this is the beginning of your ministry, what has to happen to really leverage and scale your ministry out to more and bigger locations?


Or, if that's not what you have in mind, we'll look at how you can implement more systems in your organization to allow you the opportunity of adding programs without sacrificing your incoming revenue!


The best part is, the entire Growing Ministry and Beyond Club curriculum is designed to "meet you where you are" in your ministry today and still help you move forward in three important areas:

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