The Essentials To Grow Your Ministry


Want to grow your ministry to success? Here are the three essential components you’ll need:



 Why these three? Because all the planning and strategizing in the world will only get you so far – until you actually use it!


The Growing Your Ministry and Beyond coaching club is designed to help you move forward in all three of these areas.


Your fellow members – with the guidance of Mike Stickler – will provide you with all the support, advice, and motivation you need. You’ll even get unlimited access to blueprints, checklists, and roadmaps that will help keep you on track as you grow your ministry.


Discover why this is the place to be if you want to Grow Your Ministry and Beyond!


An Extra Bonus


In addition to the most powerful combination of ministry-building strategies and results-oriented expertise from Mike Stickler, you'll be enrolled in a private, exclusive Facebook group of like-minded ministry builders, providing added real-world perspectives and round-the-clock peer support in an engaging social media setting.


These online groups have proven to be one of the most popular features of Mike's training programs, as the select group of participants adds a whole other dimension of global ministry savvy to your experience.


Ready to experience incredible ministry growth?




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