About Generous Life

Generosity toward allGenerous Life is built on the belief that God cares deeply about the generosity His children show (see these verses for a quick example). God has loved His children generously through the work of Jesus Christ, therefore we seek to reflect that generous love to each other and the world. Because generosity is often thankless and difficult to live out, we want Christians to be encouraged in their daily acts of generosity. We want Christians to equip one another by sharing their goals—including their triumphs and challenges. We pray that Generous Life would be a blessing to you as you seek to love God with your generous life!


Every household in America "live" Generously one time


Share the lifestyle of Generosity through example, message and instruction

How do we fulfill our vision and mission?

Generous life tells the stories of generosity through media communications of lives that are lived in sacrifice to
serving others. We empower generous lives through effective story telling, live events and training materials that
inspire and call into action generous living.


Generous Life was conceived in 2009 by a small group of nonprofit executives, philanthropists and business leaders
who found themselves frustrated with traditional fundraising methods. They affectionately refer the themselves as recovering fundraisers.
In over 20 years of service in the nonprofit, philanthropy and business sectors, they had been seeing a cultural change in North American that resulted year after year of diminishing participation and volunteerism, even for superior projects that make the world a better place. And that these diminishing returns resulted in higher pressure tactics or an in creased tempo at activities that become more costly to a nonprofit, resulting in less effectiveness. They decided to put their collective knowledge together to influence nonprofits, churches, businesses, and families to change their way of thinking about generosity, giving, philanthropy and volunteerism to a more organic and contagious way that adapts to their local community. They first developed a plan to help nonprofits and churches change their organizational culture. By abandoning an expensive marketing method and becoming more involved within their community., their supporters, their business, their employees and even encouraging the families connect to their organization.
Finally, after 2 years of extensive field testing setting on six key elements, when implemented all together would bring about the organizational culture change, self-sustainability, passion, and creativity that causes generosity to flourish in any setting.