Generous Living

The Lord Watches Your Generosity - day 4

March 16, 2018

People are often grouped as “glass half-full” people or “glass half-empty” people. The glass half-full people are the optimists, always seeing what is good about a situation. The glass half-empty people are the pessimists, the ones who, instead of seeing what is good, only see what is wrong or missing. When God looks at your generosity, how does He see your glass? Do you think He looks at all the ways you could have done more or could have done better? 

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You are the Manager of What God Entrusts to You - day 3

March 09, 2018

 Is it a demanding boss?

Colossians 3 tells us that despite who we most immediately serve, in reality, we are serving Jesus. All those meals you cooked? You were serving Jesus. All those clients you helped? You were serving Jesus. All those floors you mopped? That was for Jesus too.

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